Concrete Resurfacing

Surely all Resurfacing is done the same way? Wrong! Quality and price can vary depending on which product is chosen. Not all products are the same. Sand quality affects the finish. The finer and rounder the sand the more expensive it is. We will give you an even and dense finish rather than a scrappy and choppy finish!

We use a complete resurfacing system, we don’t buy bits and pieces to get it cheap. This has allowed us to make sure you are covered by our warranty and the manufacturers! Resurfacing has great weather durability.

Resurfacing is acually twice as strong as your original concrete, if anything breaks it is actually your concrete that will break first. We decided very early on that we are only going to use non-slip services to increase value for money in our product, it enormously reduced the risk of you and/or your children slipping. Great for pool areas, sleep driveways and stairs, and play areas.

There are plenty of pointer laser products out there. We don’t use them, we have specified our product to be great on specific surfaces rather than an average job on all surfaces. We pride ourselves on not sacrificing the product just so we can drop the price, and that is why our customers come to us with confidence.

Our latest range of designer colours and patterns are available now so make a statement in your home.