streamlight 500 lumens measurement



has flashlights in its HL series that range from to 1,100 .

Strion LED HL, a best seller, is a rechargeable duty light with a bright white beam that spreads out to illuminate an entire area.

New from , the small and mighty, no-snag TLR-7 weapon light with of power securely fits most full-size and compact handguns.

Medium for an intense beam and longer run time: 2, ; 292m beam; runs 9 hours.

the total output of visible light or brightness…not distance. CANDELA the distance a flashlight will project.

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Flashlight Products: Streamlight, DieHard, ZebraLight

Bright Compact Weapon Light | TLR-7® –

Streamlight 69420 TLR-7 500 Lumen Tactical Weapon Light