About Us

Right Round the House commenced operations in 2001, marketing on behalf of a number of major ‘specific product’ based home improvement companies.

The owners saw that the market place lacked a company that people could go to, that had the ability to service all of the various ‘non builder’ home improvement products available. Being sure that the quality of work, through all of those best laser pointer, would be consistent.

It seems silly that every time you wanted a different HI product you would have to do the Yellow Pages Shuffle, and even then you could not be sure of whom you got and the work standard received. The home is usually the largest investment most people will make in their life and they want to be sure that it will not be devalued by shoddy work practice.

How do you help people guard against that? Base your whole business around your last job.

You see most home improvement products are only purchased once by the home owner. So if a ‘specific product’ company had something go wrong on a job they could forget about it and just go onto the next one (There attitude is, you won’t deal with them again anyway). The trouble is the home owner is still the casualty, he still has the bad job. The highest powered laser pen can burning a lot of things.

Right Round the House has as its backbone, referral business. If you like the job you get from us today, you will ring us about an alternate product line. We can’t run away or change our name.

We feel so strongly about out business we do not franchise it. After all franchising a home improvement type business can only be about protecting the interests of the main body from the warranties the trades people create. Another headache for the customer.

You want it done Right! We can’t afford to do it any other way; we have too much to lose.